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 Wangjing Science and Technology Park


    Wangjing Science and Technology Park is located to the northeast of the downtown area of Beijing, enjoys convenient traffic and is adjacent to the Capital International Airport in the east, to the Yayuncun (Asian Game Community) and Aoyuncun (Olympics Community) in the west, to Jiuxianqiao Bridge Electronic Products Market, Beijing CBD center and Yansha Business Community in the south, and to the 5th Ring Road and Wangjing Railway Station in the north.

    Wangjing Science and Technology Park was established in August 1999; with a total construction area of 70,000 square meters, it is the Business Park for returned overseas students with the largest area and the most complete facilities. In 2000, the park was appraised as the incubating base for hi-tech enterprises in Beijing as well as a national enterprise service center. It enjoys the same policy as Zhongguancun Technology Park in June 2001 and is an enterprise park for returned oversea Chinese students jointly established by State Ministry of Personnel and Beijing Municipal Government. Up to 29 March 2005, Wangjing Enterprise Park has hosted 228 enterprises with a total registered capital of RMB 1,630 million yuan. Among them, 41 are foreign-funded enterprises and 65 are established by returned oversea Chinese students, engaging in the business of wide range covering micro-electronics information, photo-electricity and electro-mechanical, new materials, biomedicine. The total registered capital reaches RMB 130 million yuan. Currently, there are 87 returned oversea Chinese students establishing their enterprises in the Park after they graduated from high education institutions in US, Japan, Great Britain, France, Canada, Germany, and Australia. After four-year hard work, Wangjing Enterprise Park has become a comprehensive hi-tech park with congregate enterprises, projects, talents, capital and efficiency. It is now an important base for the Chaoyang District and even Beijing to attract and help returned students to establish their own enterprises in China. With the help and preferential policy provided by the park, a lot of returned students have made considerable progress in technology research and development as well as in market financing.

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