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    Shijingshan District is the key of west urban development zone. Modern technology industry distict has become the powerful support for the local economic development of our District.

    The high-tech industry district containing Badachu High-tech Industry Park, North Microelectronics Base Industry Park and Microelectronics Base R&D Park, locates in famous Xishan view spots zone. The environment here is beautiful and geological location is advantageous. By force of convenient traffic condition and complete infrastructures, the 3 parts of the industry district have become the leaders of all industries with good development tendency. Baidachu High-tech Industry Park has formed its industrial structure supported by industries including IT, integration of optical machinery and electronics, biology technology, new materials etc. It is the essential technology carrier in the west of Beijing. North Microelectronics Base Industry Park is the IC industry park focused on CMOS chip manufacture. There are Shougang NEC, Fukang Super Semiconductor (Beijing) Co., Ltd and other companies, bringing the most advanced IC projects here and stimulating other industrial partners to settle here. Microelectronics Base R&D Park will attract large powerful R&D companies of microelectronics industry, and put more strength in international communication and cooperation.

    By the end of 2004, total accumulated investment of the technology park has reached 3.5 billion RMB. There are 1000 accumulated registered enterprises with registered capital of 4 billion RMB and have realized practical taxation of 1.1 billion RMB. This has made great contribution to the local economy.

    By then, modern technology industry will lead the economic development and improvement of industrial structure as well as the intensification of local industries and the appearance of featured economy in our District. It will become the growth point of economic development of Shijingshan District.

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